Without you, I wouldn’t be more open to my feelings

Dear Jack, Thank you (for) this experience. Without you, I wouldn't be more open to my feelings. I have always hid my darkness feelings that I never tell my best friends or anyone. The way you did the workshop was well organized. It was too bad there were times it was sped up and I had to rush the students or make them skip a few things in the booklets. Especially the web activity in the booklet. The activity games made us to be like friends and the booklets gave us time to be deeply in thought. The one-on-one/two was a great idea. Sometimes I couldn't cooperate with my partner and we would be doing different things but it still worked out well. I definitely love the workshop you held for us only (w/o the elementary kids). It brought tears and getting together. Although the activities sometimes made us wander off. I like the group chatting, telling each other what we like, love and tell thing about ourselves that the other wouldn't know. The "crossing the line" was especially touchy/touching. I love that part. And you, are a leader I look up to and look back the next couple of years or more. Thank you again and I love you. You bought colours to my world and many others. Maureen T. (original message)

Leader's Quest Program age 17, grade 11