Workshops and Programs for Schools

Separation and isolation and fear are the sad results of our culture's untrusting times. From the time most of us are young, we are taught to protect ourselves—to be on guard and to compete with others for love, attention and approval from the world. "Don't Trust (people), Don't Talk (about personal things), and for God's sake, Don't Feel," become the rules to live by in a world that's out to get us. The sad reality is that most young people and adults today are drenched in a belief system that has them feeling alone and separated from the people around them.

QUEST-I'm-ON workshops and programs for grade school and high school youths address the issues of violence, racism, teasing, stereotypes, drugs, and alcohol. Through a series of interactive activities and questions, QUEST-I'm-ON breaks down the barriers that separate us as human beings, by shifting the threatening peer pressure to positive peer support. These workshops and programs help guide young people through taking those crucial first steps in discovering the vital empathy and compassion in cultivating a safe school environment. 

QUEST-I'm-ON workshops for staff focus on communication, leadership, and teamwork while addressing workplace issues. These workshops ignite participants' passion for the job and inspire creativity in a collaborative environment of forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion.