A Leader's Quest Program

This program focuses on teaching and instructing High School Student Leadership classes how to create, develop and implement their own 1 to 2-hour Safe School workshops for grade 7 and 8 students.

This program consists of eight 1-hour workshops filled with ideas, tools and techniques that will equip leadership students with the necessary skills to facilitate and expand Safe School workshops to other schools. It also helps all the students define their purpose and drive, gain techniques for effective self-expression, develop individual character, and inspire them towards positive growth and change. Always and foremost, they will work towards finding Empathy: the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person's feelings.

How It Works

Each student will be part of a team of 7 to 10 students. Every individual will learn all the ideas, tools and techniques of delivering a workshop, and each will take a turn in his or her team delivering different elements of the workshop.

Program Benefits

  • Learn to look at their strengths and weaknesses in practical ways
  • Learn to discover their own expressive self and tap into their own imagination
  • Gain understanding that a strong leader doesn't look for followers but creates other leaders
  • Learn to enhance and focus on personal empathy and compassion levels
  • Gain better understanding of the causes and consequences of separation and alienation
  • Learn how to create a safe environment for others to speak and be themselves
  • Get to share ideas on how to make school and people feel safer
  • Receive tips on reducing or eliminating teasing, bullying and prejudices
  • Learn how to improve communication skills by the basics of active listening and creative questioning
  • Lead and facilitate conversations and activities (including team-building exercises)
  • Learn about individual and team responsibilities and delegations
  • Get a chance to demonstrate and exercise individual morals and values
  • Get opportunity to serve as mentor and positive role model
  • Build empathy, rapport and trust as well as strengthen relationships
  • Get to share personal experiences of high school
  • Gain confidence and practise as leaders and facilitators
  • Discover spontaneity and have fun!
    Program Outline
    Workshop 1

    Learn how to build a personal message. Discuss and share goals, methods, ideas, and experiences. Discuss personal purpose, reasons and ideas in making school safer.

    Workshop 2

    Invent and discuss team-building games.

    Workshop 3

    Learn how to ask effective questions. Learn how to utilize the 5 Whys. Provide productive feedback. Learn how to debrief an activity.

    Workshop 4

    Learn how to deliver instructions and present activities. Present and deliver team building activities.

    Workshop 5

    Learn how to be better at communication. Learn about active listening. Learn how to close and debrief a workshop.

    Workshop 6

    First group presents their workshop and receive feedback.

    Workshop 7

    Second group presents their workshop and receive feedback.

    Workshop 8

    Final preparation for the groups to do their own workshops.

    The Next Step

    Each team of students will develop and facilitate their own workshops to a minimum of two (feeder) Grade Schools. These workshops are to be prearranged by their High School Leadership teachers or guidance department.