HAIR: Brown


EYES: Brown

VOCAL RANGE: 2nd Tenor

Since his formal training at Concordia University, York and Sheridan College, Jack has directed many times including the premiere of Rahul Varma's Counter Offence which received the customary great reviews for his utter creative, tasteful, and effective style.

As both an actor and director, Jack has worked extensively in television, films and theatre. He has also lent his voice to two animated television series.

Among many others, he has acted across the country including at La Poudrière in Molière's Precious Ridicules, at Toronto's Adelaide Court in Brecht's Caucasian Chalk Circle, at Centaur Theatre in Glengarry Glen Ross and Little Shop of Horrors, at the Citadel in Pericles and in the APA productions of Kiss of the Spider Woman, Man of La Mancha and Sweeney Todd. More recently he appeared as Pop in the Queen's musical We Will Rock You.

Jack Langedijk's Pop is the absolute essence of every old hippie you've ever met.
Langedijk nails the old hippie Pop with flair.
Jack Langedijk's Pop, who captures the ageless, blissed-out hippie in all of us.
Jack Langedijk wraps it all up perfectly as Pop, the freeze-dried, stoned-out essence of every old hippie you've ever encountered.
Langedijk more often than not steals the show with Pop's hidden archives, his 1960's treasure trove of videos and tapes, and his malapropisms.

Bhopal (Rahul Varma/Jack Langedijk)

L’Affaire Farhadi (Rahul Varma)

Twelfth Night (Shakespeare)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare)

Comedy of Errors (Shakespeare)

Food Chain (Nicky Silver)

Counter Offence (Rahul Varma)

Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)

Caucasian Chalk Circle (Bertolt Brecht)

St. Joan (Co-director Shaw)

Macbeth (Shakespeare)

Cymbeline (Shakespeare)

Mystery of Ema Vep (Charles Ludlam)

Pericles (Shakespeare)

Soft Torture (Harry Kandoleon)

Nice People Dancing (Lee Blessing)

Man of La Mancha (Darion-Wasserman-eigh)

Land Where the Trees Talk (Rahul Varma)

A Walk in the Woods (Lee Blessing)

A Man Alive (Jack Langedijk)

Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii (Alan Stratton)

Homeless Project (Jack Langedijk)

Lysistrata (Aristophanes, adapted Langedijk)

Accidental Death (Dario Fo)

Pericles (Shakespeare)

Lily of the Mohawks (Rodriguez/Langedijk)

Cacasian Chalk Circle (Bertolk Bercht)

To the Moon (Collective Creation)

Macbeth’s (Collective Creation)

Pericles (Shakespeare)

Threepenny Opera (Brecht/New Adaptation)

Cowboy Mouth (Sam Shepard)

Fool for Love (Sam Shepard)

Lorenzattio (New Adaptation)

Equus (Peter Shaffer)

Same Time Next Year (Bernard Slade)

Sweeny Todd (Steven Soundiem)

Agnes of God (John Pielmeier)

Better Place To Be (Jack Langedijk)

The Line (I. Horowitz)

The Firebugs (Max Frisch)

The Real Inspector Hound (I. Horowitz)

Panther and the Punk (Marikas Barnes)

Animal Pains (Collective Creation)

Threepenny Opera (Bertolt Brecht)

Nutrition Rock (V. Ierifino/Jack Langedijk)

The Dragon (V. Ierifino)

Grave Diggers of 42

Le Tarot (Musical-Collective)

The Horror Show (Adaptation)

Frankenstein (M. Shelly Adaptation)

A Day in the Life (Collective Creation)

Godspell  (Steven Shawartzs)

Teesri Duniya

Teesri Duniya




Saidye Bronfman

Teesri Duniya


Ryerson Theater

The Citadel



Lac Brome Theater


Concordia University

Concordia University

Association of Producing Artists

Teesri Duniya

Association of Producing Artists

Association of Producing Artists

Lac Brome Theater

Playwrights A.P.A.

Concordia University

A.P.A., Lac Brome Theater

Festival of America’s-Citadel

Saidye Bronfman

Centaur, A.P.A.

Association of Producing Artists

Concordia Workshop Show

A.P.A., Players Theater

A.P.A., Detour Production

Association of Producing Artists

A.P.A., Black Theater

Association of Producing Artists

Concordia University

A.P.A., Lac Brome Theater

Association of Producing Artists

Association of Producing Artists

Theater Aside

Glendon Theater

Theater Aside

Glendon Theater

Theater Aside

New Space

Concordia University

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

Dollard Theater

Mainline Theater Company

The Drama Center

Georgetown Theater

Sheridan Theater 

Lac Brome Theater


15 Février 1839 (Lieutenant Elliot)

Left Behind (Dirk Burton)

Deception (Jack Rembar)

Lost World (Maple White)

Out of Control (Frank Bargotti)

When Justice Fails (Dave Dahlgren)

Adam and Smoke (Frank Lido)

For Hire (Vic Mann)

Call of the Wind (Pete)

Primal Scream/Stolen Moment (Lead)

Gold Hunter (Cheeky)

Darkman III (Rollo)

A Young Connecticut Yankee (Sir Ulrich)

Blind Fear (Fenner)

No Blame (Principal)

Great Land of Small (Pat O'Doole)

Bloodroot(Evil Judgement)


Pierre Falardeau

Cloud Ten Pics/Darius Films/Vic Sarin

Janus Prods/Max Fischer

S. R. Productions/Bob Kane

Kingsborough/Greenlight/R. Trevor

S. R. Productions/Alan Goldstein

Allegro Productions/Doug Jackson

Greenlight/Jean Bellerin

Greenlight/Peter Svatek

Filmline Int'l/Doug Jackson

Marc Simenon

Universal/Bradford May

Filmline/Ralph Thomas

Allegro Films/Tom Berry

Trois Themes/Danielle Suissa

Prod. La Fête/Voltec Jasny

Astral Films/C. Castravelli


Mutant-X (Daniel Foster)

Hassen (mini Series) (Featured)

The Jackie Gleason Story (Herb Gleason)

Soul Food (Bob Jamison)

The Relic Hunter (Guest Star)

One Way Out (Lead)

The Pretender (Guest Star)

The Relic Hunter (Guest Star)

The Natalie Cole Story (Support)

Terrified (Lead)

The Believers (Guest Star)

Barnum: Inventing The American Age

Family: Life & Times of Joseph Bonanno

PSI Factor (Wayne Curtis)

Fast Track (Guest Star)

Sinbad (the Series) (Guest Star)

Kung Fu: Demons (Guest Star)

Robocop (Guest Star)

Eden River (Ed Dillion)

First Circle (mini Series) (Luvenski)

Urban Angel (13 eps) (Bob Vanderdan)

King's Ransom (Decker)

Divided Loyalties* (Joseph Brant)

Ford: The Men & The Machine (R. Dahlinger)

Mariah State (Principal) 

Spearfield's Daughter (Principal)

*1990 Gemini Nominee/Lead Actor in a Mini-Series

Fireworks/Tribune/Oley Sassone

CBS/Lawrence Schiller

CBS/Howard Deutch

Showtime/Jeff Byrd

Rysher/Ian Toynton

HBO/Allan Goldstein

TNT/Fred Keller

Rysher/Julian Grant

NBC/Robert Townsend

Motion International/Giles Walker

Vision/Dan Robinson

A&E/Simon Wincer

Production La Fête/Michel Poulette

Global/Alliance/Atlantis/Randy Bradshaw

Alliance/Stacey Curtis

Atlantis Films/Alan Simmonds

Warner Brothers/Mario Azzopardi

Skyvision/Allan Levi

Fox French

Primedia/Sheldon Larry

Telescene/CBC/Robin Spry

George Mihalka

History Prods/Mario Azzopardi

Filmline/Hammi/Allan Eastman

World Television/Alliance

Metromedia/Gil Shilton



Ghost Stories (Night Watchman)

We Will Rock You (Pop)

The Crucible (Lead/John Proctor)

Sight Unseen (Jonathan Waxman)

Wait Until Dark (Carlino)

St. Joan (Destogember)

Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote)

Little Shop of Horrors (Orin, Dentist)

Rocky Horror Picture Show (Frankenfurter)

Kiss of the Spider Woman (Valentin)

Pericles (Pericles)

Fool for Love (Ed)

Glengarry Glenn Ross (Baylen)

Sweeney Todd (Todd)

American Buffalo (Teach)

Threepenny Opera (MacHeath)

Streetcar Named Desire (Stanley Kowalski)

Caucasian Chalk Circle (Azdak)

Mirvish/Jeremy Dyson & Andy Nyman

Mirvish/Queen & Ben Elton

Aquarius/John Cooper

New Globe/Studio Th/Al Waxman

Citadel/Stephen Heatley

Citadel/Robin Phillips

A.P.A./Carrie Forster

Centaur/Alan MacInnis

Metropolis/Alan Patrick

A.P.A./Alex Hausvater

Citadel/Festival of America

Players Theatre/Stephan Zarov

Centaur/Joel Miller


A.P.A./D. D. Kugler

Bathurst Street/J. Michaelson

Adelaide Court/Larry Lewis

Adelaide Court/M. George


Aran Cortes in Skyland

(TV series - 26 episodes)

Sound Clip

Gruff, moody, severe and just, with a tendency to be blasé (but still a rebel deep down). He's aware of his responsibilities as "father figure" and protector of Puerto Angel. Often complains that he has no idea why he listens to "kids". He tends to show his anger physically, often punching a wall or banging his fist on a console when frustrated. Cortes was part of the original Pirate Rebellion and knew Marcus Farrell "by reputation." His weapon of choice is a shotgun. In the English dub, he has a dubious Scottish accent. Despite wearing his uniform with the Pirate crest even when "off duty" in Puerto Angel, Cortes "personalizes" it with a Tartan instead of a belt.

Buguese in Spider Riders

(TV series - 52 episodes)

Sound Clip

Mantid's right hand man, he is a masked humanoid Invectid with many plans to defeat the Spider Riders. A pale blue-green skinned Invectid, is the leader of the Big Four and second only to Mantid himself. He despises the Oracle, as he is bitter about her taking the sun away from the Invectids. Buguese claims to care little for his comrades, but he has shown respect for Stags, and concern for both Aqune, whom he is mentor to, and Beerain.


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Reading | Poetry


List available upon request.



MFA (1984)


BFA (1979)


Musical Theatre (1974)


Worked with Vincent Ward as an Assistant Director - in rehearsal and on set staging and rehearsing the Inuit talent


Worked with Philip Spurrel as an Assistant Director - workshopped the script

OUT OF TOUCH (Maximus Films)

Co-writer and Director of three-week development workshop

A CRY IN THE NIGHT (Telescene)

Worked with Robin Spry on the initial adaptation


Concordia University (1986-1992)


Quebec Drama Festival (1987-1991)


Repercussion Theater (1991-2003)

Association of Producing Artists (1985-1993)

Theater Aside (1982-1985)

Festival of Americas: A rare feast of imaginative theatre a marvel of stage invention... At last, director Jack Langedijk has hit on a truly distinctive style...
Langedijk's work is very visual, very intense and always exciting.
A Midsummer Night's Dream kept audiences captivated with wonderful performances, an intriguing story and gruesome costumes and set... The show, directed by Jack Langedijk, was touching and funny.
But for sheer scene-stealing perfection Jack Langedijk's demented dentist - he also plays three other parts - is the highlight of the show.
Director Jack Langedijk directed Pericles for his own company, the Association of Producing Artists, then took it to Edmonton where it won raves at the Citadel Theater...
Jack Langedijk’s production is a beautiful, imaginative show that’s endlessly theatrical and inventive, while never pretentious.
What Langedijk and his team finally present is very satisfying in a number of ways. It is, first, bumptious, noisy, farcical and has all the elements the groundlings adore. It also has a savvy blend of very sophisticated elements...
Jack Langedijk's MacHeath is one of the aces in Mercury Theatre's Threepenny Opera... Langedijk captures the reptilian nature of the character, his smile instantly becoming fury, his charm curdling to frenzy...
Langedijk's direction brings an overriding sense of order to what, in less capable hands might otherwise have been a chaotic maelstrom of disparate elements and invests the production with a driving sense of raw and relentless vitality that never lets down throughout the evening.
The atmosphere Langedijk has created by a near wall to wall sound system, by paying attention to textures and the subtext of spirituality, goes a long way towards making this production a success... Under Jack Langedijk's visually arresting direction, it frequently achieves the fluidity and grace of a ballet... Ultimately, the Lily of the Mohawks is a qualified success. But for a theatre that dares to take risks with new work, this experiment clearly justifies the policy.
Kiss of the Spider Woman, superbly directed by Alexander Hausvater and brilliantly performed by Jack Langedijk and Joseph Cazalet... Langedijk brings a wonderfully brittle, frightened, humorless zeal to the revolutionary... Langedijk is brilliant in making us believe the inner struggle his character is going through.
Jack Langedijk and Carrie Foster should give lessons on how to turn a musical into a play... Jack Langedijk is rivetting as Cervantes-Quixote, and his rendition of The Impossible Dream is appropriately stirring.
Director Jack Langedijk has discovered an exciting cultural synthesis through blending elements of European political cabaret with traditional South Asian dance, rap songs, native ritual, and all-Canadian collegiate humor... in Langedijk's hands, the play's rocky path to enlightenment is an exhilarating one.
Jack Langedijk, has boldly pared the script of much that was repetitious in the original and as director, has overcome the limitations of the available space at his command with imaginative compromises and succeeded in staging this powerful drama with a good deal of panache.
Langedijk and his cast certainly rose to the challenges Cymbeline's creaky plot structure provide.
Directed by Jack Langedijk, the production is crisp and fast-moving...
Jack Langedijk's imaginative production is a homage to the play's irrational forces...
And Jack Langedijk, who not only brings an unhibited, but paradoxically well controlled, manic quality to the role of Orin, also quadruples as five other sharply defined subsidiary characters, including that of a flamboyantly veiled woman. Even his legs look great in heels.
Mr. Langedijk shone brilliantly in the central role playing Cervantes as a desperate and imaginative actor, telling a story to save his life and work, and being touched by its inspiration along with everyone else.
Langedijk has not only judiciously trimmed Brecht's three and a half hour script to a more manageable two and a quarter, but has also succeeded in making it more relevant to modern audiences...
Langedijk, who is one of this city's unquestionably most imaginative directors appears to have worked small miracles in turning this basically episodic work into a smooth flowing, well integrated piece of theatre that should not be missed.
Langedijk and his cast certainly rose to the challenges Cymbeline's creaky plot structure provide.
Directed by Jack Langedijk, the production is crisp and fast-moving...
Jack Langedijk's imaginative production is a homage to the play's irrational forces...
Cymbeline is a tougher row to hoe because of its relative obscurity. Director Jack Langedijk has deftly cut the script to less than half, miraculously retaining the essentials of the story, and has stooped to using just about every gag in the book - including the book.