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Separation and isolation and fear are the sad results of our culture's untrusting times. From the time most of us are young, we are taught to protect ourselves—to be on guard and to compete with others for love, attention and approval from the world. "Don't Trust (people), Don't Talk (about personal things), Don't Feel," become the rules to live by in a world that's out to get us. The sad reality is that most young people and adults today are drenched in a belief system that has them feeling alone and separated from the people around them.

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Our journey

My name is Jack and I'd like to tell you about the day that changed the course of my life.

One innocent night, I was sitting with some friends when someone said, "Did you hear about those kids who doused a 10-year-old boy's shoes with lighter fluid, and lit them on fire?" And suddenly everyone was sharing similar stories, each one more horrifying than the last. The over-arching question was, of course, why? Why is this happening with such increased regularity? Is bullying a growing epidemic or are we just blind to the problem until tragedy occurs? What is being done to prevent future tragedies? We spent the rest of the night questioning and trying to find some answers.

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Workshops & Programs
For schools

QUEST-I'm-ON workshops and programs for grade school and high school youths address the issues of violence, racism, teasing, stereotypes, drugs and alcohol. They help break down the barriers that separate us as human beings by shifting the threatening peer pressure to positive peer support. These workshops and programs help guide young people through taking those crucial first steps in discovering the vital empathy and compassion in cultivating a safe school environment.

Workshops for school staff focus on communication, leadership and teamwork while addressing workplace issues. 

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for corporations

QUEST-I'm-ON workshops for corporations focus on building teamwork spirit, inspiring and promoting creativity. These workshops ignite participants' passion for the job and inspire creativity in a productive environment of forgiveness, acceptance and compassion.

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For Families

QUEST-I'm-ON workshops for families address relationship issues between parents and teens. These workshops focus on effective compassionate communication including the art of active listening. Participants will learn to explore different options by looking for them from different perspectives, always with love and respect.

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C.L. - Canadian & World Studies

Camp Olympia

FOS Administrators (TDSB)

Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute

Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) Schools & Staff

Toronto District School Board (TDSB) Schools & Staff

University of Toronto (EP - Inner City Option)


York University (Urban Diversity CTE Program)Astral Media*


Bell Canada*


Industry Canada*

Ministry of Community and Social Services*



National Capital Commission (NCC)*

OnX Enterprise Solutions Ltd.

Osteoporosis Canada*

Randstad Canada*

Research in Motion*

Rogers TV (Ottawa)*

Sapphire Canada*


SEIU Local 1 Canada

Seneca College*

Sojourn House*

Standard Life*

Students Awards*


Treasury Board Secretariat*

*Co-facilitated with Beyond the Box

Emma Student
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What an awesome experience. You certainly have a talent for dealing with people and developing rapport in such a short period of time. Many of the students expressed how much closer that they felt to one another as a result of your workshop. It was truly a blessing to have you.

D. Avis-Pottinger OISE/University of Toronto
Other testimonials from teachers...

Thanks for making my first day with my new team so heartfelt and meaningful. To develop trust with a team is the first step and you helped me do that.

J. Messner Superintendent of Education
Other testimonials from staff...

I enjoyed the workshop. It really opened my eyes on things that I took for granted. Thank for the experience. You bring new life to me and my family. I really appreciate you know your job. Again, I really appreciate it.

Other testimonials from parents...

Thanks for your program. I truly think it helped many of our students express their concerns. All too often I see students at a loss and have no one to talk to. This day gave them a chance to talk about the things that never get said, but should. Thanx for everything.

Other testimonials from volunteers...