I appreciate it a lot

Dear Jack, I really want to thank you for coming and doing this workshop with us. I never told my story to so many people I never thought to trust. I never wrote down my life story and let someone beside myself read it. I now feel more comfortable talking about my story. I know deep down it still bothers me very much and I am very hurt by it all but I feel on the outside I don't mind. I enjoyed the in class workshops much more than when we went to the actual schools. Maybe because it was deeper than when we were at the school or maybe because you got more emotion out of us or maybe because we're much older than those students were. I'm not sure but I appreciate it a lot. At every school, I feel like you said less and less more personal questions when it came to crossing the line. I feel that that was the one thing that really broke the kids down. I also know these workshops have a limited number of time but I also feel like a lot of it was rushed. Students would feel a bit cut off because they couldn't finish their discussion or they couldn't finish or hear all the stories. (original message)

Leader's Quest Program age 18, grade 12