Through Your Eyes is an unique opportunity for your company to sponsor a group of high school students in the Leadership Program to participate in the A Leader's Quest program where they learn how to create, develop and implement their own 1 to 2-hour Safe School workshops for Grades 7 and 8 students. This program consists of eight 1-hour workshops filled with ideas, tools and techniques that will equip the leadership students with the necessary skills to facilitate and expand Safe School workshops to other schools.

Your sponsorship goes beyond helping these leaders - for each student leader you sponsor, potentially 60 to 100 lives are affected.

In return for your generous sponsorship, we will facilitate the inspiring Are You In or Out? team-building workshop for your company. Along with us, the students you sponsored will have a chance to show you their newly acquired skills. This is a distinctive opportunity for you to meet these young leaders and see how your sponsorship helps making our community more connected and safer.


  • A creative sponsorship program that provides unique experiences for everyone
  • A great way to truly make an impact to our community while promoting your company as a caring and supportive organization
  • A wonderful way to bring in imaginative, youthful and energetic spirits into your organization
  • A fantastic opportunity for our young leaders to explore the working world