Want to build trust and respect among your team? This half or full day workshop is a profound team building experience that creates behaviour changes by getting to know and understand your co-workers better. Through a series of fun and engaging interactive activities, this uplifting workshop revitalizes team spirit by reintroducing all the staff to one another as if it was for the first time. It provides an opportunity to start fresh, to renew, reinforce and even repair, working relationships among team members. By re-inventing and opening up the lines of communication we can help identify how each individual's actions affect the group and ultimately how each of us can play a vital role in developing a work environment that promotes creativity.

Every workshop is tailored to your unique organization. This approach helps us find ways to help your team or staff connect personally with each other on an honest human level and to address specific workplace issues. By asking stimulating questions and identifying common areas of interest, this workshop helps participants discover that diversity is a strength and not a hindrance.

This workshop helps improve communication skills, build confidence and create a sense of compassion and empathy among your staff. Your organization's increased sense of humanity and trust will positively impact the bottom line, because people are always more productive when they are happy and feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

This workshop will create a spirit of teamwork that will breathe life and creativity into your organization.

In addition to your organization's unique requirements for this workshop, your staff will:

  • Identify the characteristics of a good team
  • Identify strengths of individual team members
  • Identify how each individuals' actions affect the team
  • Explore ways to build trust & respect
  • Learn to enhance and focus on personal empathy and compassion levels
  • Improve communication skills including active listening
  • Discover ways to gain cooperation and collaboration
  • Anchor positive behaviours
  • Understand how mistakes and diversity can actually stimulate innovation
  • Learn how to make a habit of being creative
  • Have tons of fun in the process!

Please refer to our Through Your Eyes program for an alternate way to bring this workshop to your team.