What you brought to our school is “Hope”

Thank you! What you brought to our school is "Hope". Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that if we believe in ourselves and in each other, we can truly make a difference. Our school is broken in ways that most people can't even comprehend. Today marks the first day of healing. You made us aware of our ignorances, our biases and showed us how our actions impact others. I learned how much alike we all are. The cause of the hurt may be different but the pain is the same. I will never look at the other people in this room the same way again. They are individuals who I will accept and respect for who they are & not how they appear. I haven't looked at us as "lucky" before, but today I think we are just that. Lucky to have had the opportunity to get to really know ourselves and the other people in this room. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (original message)

Student age 15, grade 10