This whole program really opened my eyes and my heart

I would really like to thank the two of you for helping a lot of us today get our feelings out and just to be totally honest. I'm very thankful I was invited today because I've had some feelings bottled up that just had to be let out. This whole program today really opened my eyes and my heart as well. I hadn't realized what problems some people had to live and deal with. Some even have the same feelings and problems as me. I've never felt so comfortable and been able to trust others so quickly before. I'm going to remember this day forever! I can't even explain what I'm feeling right now. There are so many issues that I never knew others had to overcome. I thank the two of you for taking the time with us and making us realize we're not alone. I will never judge someone before knowing them unless it's positive. I will never forget those in my group. Thanks so much. Sincerely. (original message)

Ashley age 15 grade 10