I can honestly say this was the best thing in my entire life

Today has been intense and scary. I never felt so vulnerable in my entire life and I have never felt so hurt. It was amazing. At first I was skeptical. What will we do? How will this affect me? What's the point? Why do only I feel this way? I was afraid of you both. Now, I can honestly say this was the best thing in my entire life. I was never afraid to cry, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to cry. I have seen tears and faces filled with anguish. I have hurt some of these people and some have hurt me. To them, I am forever sorry. I have no doubt that I will take this with me until the end of my days. My group held people who I never really knew, I only seen them on the surface. I told things I never realized I was feeling and being an insidious individual, I let it all out. Thank you so much. I thought I knew, I was so ignorant. I will probably keep my guard up still but now I won't be so harsh. Sometimes people just want to help. I do not pity those who have dealt with the things we discussed today, I feel for them. You taught us so much and I really hope we gave you something that you will hold on to forever. (original message)

Erica age 15, grade 10