With the rapid changes that organizations need to make in these turbulent times of uncertainty, connecting people emotionally to the journey your business is on couldn't be more important. Corporate storytelling is how the most successful companies use marketing and communications to move their businesses ahead. Within the heart of every good business story, there is a recognizable truth that is simple enough for the management to communicate, and so recognizable that others can quickly connect with it.

Compelling stories about real people in real situations are the currency of far-reaching, emotional impact. Stories motivate, persuade, inform and inspire. Stories are memorable and powerful. They can be cathartic. They move us. They change our beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Stories are fundamental to the way people structure information, change attitudes and behaviours, and improve levels of pride, efficiency and productivity.

QUEST-I'm-ON Storytelling exercises are designed for each individual to tailor them to his or her own goals. The workshop emphasises on play with meaningful, insightful and creative activities. At the end of the day, you will gain the ability and confidence to tell stories through the use of metaphors and dynamic techniques. We'll work together to create your story—the story that will help you distinguish what makes you, your organization or your job authentic and unique.

Use storytelling to:

  • Share your vision, purpose or values
  • Present a new product, service or idea
  • Work through change and difficult transitions
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Humanize facts and data
  • Develop compelling narratives to motivate and convince others
  • Inspire individual and group participation
  • Build and regenerate bonds
  • Solve problems
  • Generate ideas
  • Have fun!