The QUEST-I’m-ON Transition Program unites the high school students involved in leadership courses or programs with the incoming Grade 9 students. It is a four-step program that integrates empathy and compassion while developing and practising leadership skills. It also aims to reduce isolation and increase success rate for Grade 8 students transitioning into high school. A nominal time commitment from each student will remove some of the barriers that cause segregation, fear and anxiety among students. The formation of stronger connections from this unifying, energetic and creative program cultivates positive school culture and spirit. Through this relationship-building process between elementary and secondary students, increased enrollment numbers is also another by-product of the program.

The Transition Program

  • Increases student participation thus creating more student leaders
  • Expands effective communication
  • Promotes team building and team spirit
  • Fosters healthy relationships
  • Helps reduce the divisions and competition between grade levels
  • Elevates student self-esteem and success levels
  • Builds safer surroundings for students
  • Instils tolerance, empathy and compassion
  • Encourages a student-driven, positive school culture shift
  • Increases student enrolment from elementary to secondary school


    High school students in the leadership course/program take a 3-hour QUEST-I'm-ON workshop to prepare them as student leaders.

    In this workshop, the students will:

    Gain understanding that a strong leader doesn't look for followers but creates other leaders

    Learn to enhance and focus on personal empathy and compassion levels

    Learn how to create a safe environment for others to speak and be themselves

    Learn how to improve communication skills by the basics of active listening and creative questioning

    Learn how to create stronger bonds and relationships in a short time

    Learn how to facilitate a small group for future workshops


    Student leaders facilitate a 2.5-hour QUEST-I'm-ON workshop with the Grade 8 students. Through a series of interactive exercises, all students will:

    Get opportunities to create the foundation for relationships which will be built upon and carried over in the next 2 steps of the Transition Program and beyond

    Learn to enhance and focus on personal empathy and compassion levels

    Learn to lead exercises, play together and have fun

    Learn about responsibilities they have towards one another

    Gain better understanding of the causes and consequences of separation and alienation

    Get to share ideas on how to make school and people feel safer

    Get to exchange contact information (E-mail, Facebook....)

    Student leaders will:

    Lead and facilitate conversations and activities with assigned groups

    Get to share personal experiences of high school

    Get opportunity to serve as mentor and positive role model

    Grade 8 students will:

    Get to share fears as well as accomplishments

    Gain better understanding of the challenges faced by high school students

    Establish contacts with student leaders of the high school


    Student leaders and Grade 8 students meet for a follow-up 2.5-hour QUEST-I’m-ON workshop to further share experiences and enhance bonding on established relationships.

    From this interactive workshop, all students will:

    Develop stronger bonds as peers

    Develop an effective method to maintain contact with others

    Get a chance to demonstrate and exercise individual morals and values

    Receive tips on reducing or eliminating teasing, bullying and prejudices

    Student leaders will:

    Provide support and guidance to Grade 8 as they take more of a leadership role in their groups

    Facilitate some team-building exercises

    Provide answers to ease fears and anxieties for the Grade 8 students

    Grade 8 students will:

    Learn how to lead a group of peers and student leaders

    Gain confidence and practise as leaders with the student leaders’ support

    Build allies at the new school


    At the orientation session at the beginning of the next school year, the student leaders meet with the Grade 8 (new Grade 9) students for a one-hour QUEST-I’m-ON workshop. 

    Student leaders will:

    Be assigned to mentor a group of two to three new Grade 9 students using the N.I.C.E. approach that incorporates personal empathy and compassion levels learned in the previous steps:

    New comer - demonstrate an act of welcoming the members

    In contact - establish regular contacts with each group member within the first 6 weeks of the semester

    Circle of friends - introduce each member to at least three of their friends within the first month

    Extra activity - bring each member of the group to one game/practice of extra curricular activity

    Use a questionnaire as a guide for conversations with the group

    Document any concerns or issues from members of the group

    Prepare and present a summary to the leadership teacher on their experiences with the members of the group and the Transition Program

    Find ways to encourage the new students to take the leadership course/program

    Grade 8 students will:

    Gain comfort in the new school with a sense of belonging

    Gain confidence in expressing themselves

    Integrate quicker and better in the new school



    Transition Program

    Student Leaders

    Grade 8 Students

    1. QUalify

    3-hour workshop during school year

    Attend 3-hour workshop


    2. Embrace

    2.5-hour workshop

    Attend 2.5-hour workshop

    Attend 2.5-hour workshop

    3. Share

    2.5-hour workshop (approx. 2 months later)

    Attend 2.5-hour workshop

    Attend 2.5-hour workshop

    4. Transition

    1-hour orientation workshop at the beginning of next school year

    1) Attend 1-hour orientation
    2) Meet with each member of the group - (15 minutes x 6 weeks x (3) students)

    1) Attend 1-hour orientation
    2) Meet with student leader (15 minutes x 6 weeks)


    9 hours

    13.5 hours

    7.5 hours


    Number of students:

    Recommending 1:3 ratio (1 student leader to 3 Grade 8 students) - maximum 60 Grade 8 students.

    Location for workshops:

    Preferably to be held at the high school where the Grade 8 students will be going.

    Room Size:

    A room that can accommodate 80 students with chairs only (no tables/desks).


    One chair per student

    One blank sheet of paper and pen per student

    A microphone (depending on room size)

    Download Brochure (Public Schools)
    Download Brochure (Catholic Schools)