This experience today has been life changing

Dear Jack, This experience today has been life changing. I was unsure of what to expect coming into this, but I have left with a complete new mindset. Today you taught me things that I've never known before. There's a lot going on in my life and I've been through a lot. I always kept everything to myself and never expressed what I was feeling. You made me open my eyes and realize that there is always someone there for me, I just have to ask for support. This workshop has already helped me. I am able to talk to others about how I feel. I'm sure this will sure help with my depression. Knowing that there are people there for me can also help make me a better leader by being able to open my arms wide and provide the same support for others. Thank you deeply and whole-heartedly for giving me this knowledge today. Truly touching. (original message)

Leader's Quest Program