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At the orientation session at the beginning of the next school year, the student leaders meet with the Grade 8 (new Grade 9) students for a one-hour QUEST-Iím-ON workshop. Student leaders will:
  • Be assigned to mentor a group of two to three new Grade 9 students using the N.I.C.E. approach that incorporates personal empathy and compassion levels learned in the previous steps:
    • New comer - demonstrate an act of welcoming the members
    • In contact - establish regular contacts with each group member within the first 6 weeks of the semester
    • Circle of friends - introduce each member to at least three of their friends within the first month
    • Extra activity - bring each member of the group to one game/practice of extra curricular activity
  • Use a questionnaire as a guide for conversations with the group
  • Document any concerns or issues from members of the group
  • Prepare and present a summary to the leadership teacher on their experiences with the members of the group and the Transition Program
  • Find ways to encourage the new students to take the leadership course/program
Grade 8 students will:

  • Gain comfort in the new school with a sense of belonging
  • Gain confidence in expressing themselves
  • Integrate quicker and better in the new school
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Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

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