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Student leaders and Grade 8 students meet for a follow-up 2.5-hour QUEST-Iím-ON workshop to further share experiences and enhance bonding on established relationships.

From this interactive workshop, all students will:
  • Develop stronger bonds as peers
  • Develop an effective method to maintain contact with others
  • Get a chance to demonstrate and exercise individual morals and values
  • Receive tips on reducing or eliminating teasing, bullying and prejudices
Student leaders will:

  • Provide support and guidance to Grade 8 as they take more of a leadership role in their groups
  • Facilitate some team-building exercises
  • Provide answers to ease fears and anxieties for the Grade 8 students
Grade 8 students will:

  • Learn how to lead a group of peers and student leaders
  • Gain confidence and practise as leaders with the student leadersí support
  • Build allies at the new school

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Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

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