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Student leaders facilitate a 2.5-hour QUEST-I'm-ON workshop with the Grade 8 students. Through a series of interactive exercises, all students will:

  • Get opportunities to create the foundation for relationships which will be built upon and carried over in the next 2 steps of the Transition Program and beyond
  • Learn to enhance and focus on personal empathy and compassion levels
  • Learn to lead exercises, play together and have fun
  • Learn about responsibilities they have towards one another
  • Gain better understanding of the causes and consequences of separation and alienation
  • Get to share ideas on how to make school and people feel safer
  • Get to exchange contact information (E-mail, Facebook, MSN...)
Student leaders will:

  • Lead and facilitate conversations and activities with assigned groups
  • Get to share personal experiences of high school
  • Get opportunity to serve as mentor and positive role model
Grade 8 students will:

  • Get to share fears as well as accomplishments
  • Gain better understanding of the challenges faced by high school students
  • Establish contacts with student leaders of the high school
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Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

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