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Workshop 1Learn how to build a personal message. Discuss and share goals, methods, ideas, and experiences. Discuss personal purpose, reasons and ideas in making school safer.
Workshop 2Invent and discuss team-building games.
Workshop 3Learn how to ask effective questions. Learn how to utilize the 5 Whys. Provide productive feedback. Learn how to debrief an activity.
Workshop 4Learn how to deliver instructions and present activities. Present and deliver team building activities.
Workshop 5Learn how to be better at communication. Learn about active listening. Learn how to close and debrief a workshop.
Workshop 6First group presents their workshop and receive feedback.
Workshop 7Second group presents their workshop and receive feedback.
Workshop 8Final preparation for the groups to do their own workshops.

The Next Step - Each team of students will develop and facilitate their own workshops to a minimum of two (feeder) Grade Schools. These workshops are to be prearranged by their High School Leadership teachers or guidance department.

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Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

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