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In A Leader's Quest program, all students will:
  • Learn to look at their strengths and weaknesses in practical ways
  • Learn to discover their own expressive self and tap into their own imagination
  • Gain understanding that a strong leader doesn't look for followers but creates other leaders
  • Learn to enhance and focus on personal empathy and compassion levels
  • Gain better understanding of the causes and consequences of separation and alienation
  • Learn how to create a safe environment for others to speak and be themselves
  • Get to share ideas on how to make school and people feel safer
  • Receive tips on reducing or eliminating teasing, bullying and prejudices
  • Learn how to improve communication skills by the basics of active listening and creative questioning
  • Lead and facilitate conversations and activities (including team-building exercises)
  • Learn about individual and team responsibilities and delegations
  • Get a chance to demonstrate and exercise individual morals and values
  • Get opportunity to serve as mentor and positive role model
  • Build empathy, rapport and trust as well as strengthen relationships
  • Get to share personal experiences of high school
  • Gain confidence and practise as leaders and facilitators
  • Discover spontaneity and have fun!
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Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

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