Jack Langdijk


Aran Cortes in Skyland
(TV series - 26 episodes)

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Gruff, moody, severe and just, with a tendency to be blasť (but still a rebel deep down). He's aware of his responsibilities as "father figure" and protector of Puerto Angel. Often complains that he has no idea why he listens to "kids". He tends to show his anger physically, often punching a wall or banging his fist on a console when frustrated. Cortes was part of the original Pirate Rebellion and knew Marcus Farrell "by reputation." His weapon of choice is a shotgun. In the English dub, he has a dubious Scottish accent. Despite wearing his uniform with the Pirate crest even when "off duty" in Puerto Angel, Cortes "personalizes" it with a Tartan instead of a belt.


Buguese in Spider Riders
(TV series - 52 episodes)

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Mantid's right hand man, he is a masked humanoid Invectid with many plans to defeat the Spider Riders. A pale blue-green skinned Invectid, is the leader of the Big Four and second only to Mantid himself. He despises the Oracle, as he is bitter about her taking the sun away from the Invectids. Buguese claims to care little for his comrades, but he has shown respect for Stags, and concern for both Aqune, whom he is mentor to, and Beerain.